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Tiger Jaw™ Tools
Proper Usage

Proper usage of your Tiger Jaw™ tools insures the maximum lifespan of your product. Misuse and/or abuse of the tool will lessen the effectiveness of the cutting mechanism or damage the tool completely. If you follow these simple guidelines, you will better understand how the Tiger Jaw™ tools work and how to get maximum longevity from your new tool.

Always place a branch as far back into the jaw of the tool as possible to obtain the greatest leverage and ease of use. You can only cut through a branch if it fits completely in the jaws of the tool. Do not try to cut oversized branches. Once the branch is completely back into the jaw of the tool, squeeze the handle until the cut begins to get harder. The cutting process will reach a point where it stops, then relax the grip on your pruner, or if using a lopper, stop pressing inward. The ratchet mechanism will reset with a click. Now you will be able to repeat the easiest part of any cut, the first part where one has the most leverage. Keep repeating this step until the cut is complete (up to 4 repeats.) This process is very much like a PVC cutter action or a bumper jack that used to come with cars allowing you to do harder work with less effort.

Remember to never twist your tools to get them “unstuck” from branches as you could damage or break the carbon steel blade. Rock the tool in the direction of the cutting edge of the blade to release it from a partial cut. Tools are not guaranteed from misuse or abuse.

Clean tool blades and the mechanism with Goo Gone™ or WD-40™ to lubricate, remove sticky sap build-up and prevent surface oxidation.

Enjoy your product!

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